Simple Tips for Your Friday Night Steak

So it’s Friday night and you are inevitably faced with the decision: greasy pizza or delicious steak. As a man, is there really a debate? In my opinion, you should pick the protein packed, beef that makes you feel good afterwards. That’s the way to get the weekend started off right.

I grill steaks on a weekly basis and have developed some techniques that work well. First off, choosing the right meat is the most important part of the process. Bad tasting beef is hard to fix by cooking techniques. Check out your local butcher shop or grocer’s meat department to select the right meat.

As soon as I get home with my steak, I get the process started by liberally seasoning it with kosher salt and pepper. Good tasting meat doesn’t need anything else. Then I usually let the meat sit in the fridge until I fire up the grill.

I’m a charcoal guy when it comes to grilling. Sure it takes longer and temperature control is challenging, but the taste is so great. I like to get my grill nice and hot, which usually takes about 20-30 minutes to heat the coals. At the same time, I take hickory or mesquite chips and soak them in water. These chips are eventually laid on top of a bed of hot coals to add a nice smoke flavor in my meat.

Once the coals and chips are in, I close my grill and let it heat up for five minutes aiming for 400 degrees. This gives me the opportunity to melt some butter and brush my steaks with it. Sure, this is an unnecessary step. But when does butter ruin anything?

When it’s time to cook, I slab the steaks on the grill and immediately shut the lid to maximize heat and smoke flavor. I like my steaks rare (and so should you) so for a 1 inch cut piece of meat, I’m only doing about 2 – 3 minutes a side. I recommend only flipping once, and quickly closing it back up. Total grill time should be around 5 minutes. For larger cuts of meat, searing time should be about the same as with thinner cuts, however it’s followed by indirect heating for 4-8 minutes.

After the steaks are done, I slide those bad boys onto my metal serving tray and let them rest for 5-10 minutes. This is a hard thing to do when you smell freshly cooked meat, so I recommend cracking open a beer in the mean time.

These are some simple tips for cooking a great steak tonight. What works for you? Please share on this page or on our Facebook page. #CelebrateMan


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