Product Review: Hill Country Bucks DVD


As you all know, I will be starting to bow hunt on public land this season. While doing research on hunting areas and scouting I came across a forum called The Hunting Beast ( I started reading and the amount of information in this forum is a little overwhelming. I recently picked up a DVD made by the moderators of the forum called Extreme Whitetail Tactics Volume 2: Hill Country Bucks. After it sat on my dinner table for a week or so I finally carved out enough time to sit down and watch it.

This is a low budget DVD, not the same kind of stuff you see on TV on the Sportsman Channel but the information is priceless. The long video (like Titanic long) is chalked full of tactics for both hunting and scouting in the hill country. The makers of this DVD have killed more mature bucks in the hills than anyone I have come across and throughout this DVD they tell all about the tactics they use both during pre-season scouting, early season, the rut, gun season and late season.

The guys use a combination of both real life on the ground examples as well as overviews on Topo maps. They do an excellent job of explaining how wind, with the addition of hills produce thermals and a thermal tunnel which deer love to use to their advantage. This video also explains the “bump and dump” tactic which you bump a large buck out of his bed then how to effectively hunt that buck after you have bumped him. This tactic has helped lay down 2 Boon and Crockett bucks in Wisconsin. It’s really amazing how much knowledge these guys have and how they are practically giving this away at $9.99.

If you are like me and know how to hunt your family’s land, but want to get out into new territory and don’t really know where to start or how to do it, this video is a must. They also have a March Bucks volume available which I am sure is about as good as gold as well. If you want a teaser of the video and the amount of knowledge in the video head over to the hunting beast forum and take a look at the “best tactics” thread. Read a bit in there and you will understand just how much knowledge these guys are willing to share to whoever wants to become a better deer hunter.




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