Price of Federal Duck Stamps Up 67% This Year

Duck Stamp

Hunting is becoming a more expensive hobby every year, and Congress didn’t help us out by voting to increase the cost of the federal duck stamp. In one year, the cost of the stamp went from $15 to $25, a 67% increase in cost. On top of that, there is a $1.50 charge for mailing the physical stamp to the hunter.

We interviewed a cashier at Gander Mountain yesterday who says most hunters are surprised when they hear the amount.

In Minnesota, a hunter must buy a small game license, state waterfowl stamp and federal waterfowl stamp in order to hunt ducks.

Small game – $22

State Waterfowl Stamp – $7.50

Federal Waterfowl Stamp – $26.50

Despite the increased cost, now is the time to purchase your licenses and stamps. Hunting season starts next week.


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