Podcast Episode #23 – Alaska Trip


On this episode of the podcast, Jake discusses his travels to the Kenai peninsula in Alaska with friend Matt Wolf. The trip involved salmon fishing the Kenai river, hiking/scouting future hunting spots, and some pretty sweet wildlife viewing.


Sockeye salmon caught by the “flossing” or “flipping” technique. Sockeyes eat different food than Kings and Silvers, which makes castings spinners and spoons relatively useless. Instead, the technique used for sockeyes is to tie a fly on the line and put a 1/2 oz sinker about 24 inch above. Then flipping the line 20 feet out from the shore and trying to get the fly to float into the salmon’s mouth.


We spotted two caribou on the Kenai peninsula. These are somewhat rare since there are only a handful of herds, each with only a couple hundred head. According to the locals, the spot we saw them is a frequented spot by the lowland herd.

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