Importance of the Monday Workout

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You’re a man and you spent the weekend doing man stuff. Gear is all over the floor, leaving the house a complete disaster. Your eating and drinking habits went out the window. And you probably didn’t get that run in on Saturday like you planned. Sound familiar?

We all let ourselves go over the weekend every once in awhile. However, it’s important that the chaos of the weekend does not creep into your week of productivity.

I don’t care how beat up or tired you are, don’t miss that Monday workout. Even if the head is throbbing from a hangover…get in the gym! The body needs the positive energy that physical activity creates. And the mind needs to be reacquainted with discipline and drive.

Were you eating greasy fast food all weekend? Don’t let that invade your workweek diet. Get some healthy greens, lean protein and fruits back into your meals. You’re not doing yourself any favors for the hunting season by eating junk food 7 days a week. Take your diet seriously.

Here are some tips to help guide you during the workweek:

  1. Cook your protein on Sunday night so you have meat for lunch throughout the week.
  2. Purchase a bag of broccoli or mixed veggies and add them to your lunches. If you can’t stomach the taste of veggies, then dip them in ranch sauce. It’s better that you get the vitamins and nutrients than worrying about a couple extra calories from dressing.
  3. If you are not feeling good on Monday, make your workout easier and take longer breaks between reps. We can always get better workouts later in the week. It’s more important that you get in the gym on Monday, than skipping a workout and getting out-of-routine.
  4. Clean up all your gear and put it back where it belongs. A cleaner house equals a happier wife. A happier wife equals a happier life. We all hate cleaning up, but when you have excellent podcasts like CelebrateMan to listen to, the chore doesn’t seem as bad.


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