Gear Review – Summit Viper SD Climber


The million dollar question every new bowhunter asks is “what kind of stand should I buy”. Opinions vary on this topic and there’s no right answer. But let me share what works for me.

First off, I settled on a climber stand after years of using hanging treestands. Climbers afford a hunter the ease of getting deep into the woods without worrying about carrying extra equipment and dedicating more time to stand set up. However, unlike hangers, one big branch and the climber stand loses its major advantage.

With that said, there’s still a huge benefit with climbing treestands, like my Summit Viper over ladders and hanging stands. That benefit is comfort. My stand has a top and bottom unit. The bottom unit is the standing platform and the top serves as the seat. Both units use together create the mechanism that allows the hunter to climb the tree. In climber stands, the seat is a nice foam cushion that hangs below the top unit giving the user the ultimate comfort. It’s the equivalent of sitting in a hammock vs sitting in bleachers.

The Viper has the perfect standing platform size for bow hunting. It’s not too big, keeping it more concealed in the tree than some of its competitors. But it’s not too small where a guy can’t make a turn to shoot the unexpected buck from behind.

Noise is no issue with this treestand. Once you get to the desired height in the tree, one simple downward force with your foot and the stand is tight and in place. Since climbers are not usually left out over night, they don’t develop the noises associated with weathered metal. Big plus!

If you’re looking for a new stand for this fall, go check out the Summit Viper at your local outdoor retail store. #CelebrateMan


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