Gear Review: S.O.G Hand Axe & Machete


Whether you are heading into the backcountry with a pack on your back, or just walking a couple hundred yards to your treestand, two tools that I carry as much as I can is the S.O.G. hand axe & machete.

The hand axe is an awesome tool that allows the outdoorsman to complete various tasks. Around the campfire, it helps split small firewood. If you have a downed animal, the axe is great for splitting apart the pelvic bone during field dressing. And when a blunt object is needed in the woods, the axe lives up to the task. Its sharp blade and durability make it a solid performer. And unlike its competitors, the grip feels great in the hand allowing for prolonged use.

The machete is a dandy tool for brush clearing. This tool usually accompanies me duck hunting, camping and early season scouting. It flawlessly takes down weeds and brush that get in the way. On small trees and branches, it’s helpful for the guy looking to assemble a hunting blind.

I think the best part about these two tools is how lightweight they are. The pair weigh only 37 ounces, yet have the strength and durability of their heavier competitors. Next time you head out into the backcountry, make sure the S.O.G. hand axe and machete are in your pack. #CelebrateMan


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