Gear Review: GSI Bugaboo Backpacker Camp Set


For more years than I dare to admit, I stretched the life of my aluminum mess kit that has been apart of my gear since I first journeyed up to the Boundary Waters with my buddies in the 90s. Those pots, pans and cups have done me well, but they were inefficient with heat retention and took up a lot of space in my pack. So a year ago I finally upgraded to the “fine china” of the backpacker’s world.

The Bugaboo Backpacker Camp Set is a great piece of equipment for the guy that wants to feed more than one mouth and have the options to boil, fry and steam. First off, the set all fits nicely into the pot, which is covered by a makeshift field sink for washing dishes (clever!). Inside the pot are two cups with insulated fabric, two food bowls (same dimensions as cups), removable pot and pan holder, steamer lid and lying on top of it all, a frying pan.

What I do with the space inside the cups and bowls is stuff a box of matches, my MSR Micro-Rocket stove and a CRKT Eat’n Tool.

The set is quite durable, yet lightweight. It has great heat retention which speeds up cooking times. And the pot and pan has a non-stick surface that makes clean up a breeze.

The one downside to this kit is its size. I have a big appetite and often go camping with a buddy. So the size fits my purpose on 70% of trips. But that other 30% of the time, I’d be better off with a one-person, compact kit.

If you’re in the market for a new mess kit, go check out the GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Backpacker Set today at your local outdoor retail store. #CelebrateMan




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