Podcast Episode #31 – Turkey Camp 2017

On this episode of the podcast, Jeff and Jake discuss their incredibly successful turkey hunt of 2017. Both guys shot toms on opening day using large tracks of public land in northern Minnesota. They discuss their special method of turkey hunting that leads to year-over-year success.

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Podcast Episode #30 – Elk Talk

On this episode of CelebrateMan, Jake talks with local Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation volunteers Will Wes, Jim Gerold and Jesse Schneider to talk about their upcoming banquet, elk hunting stories from last fall, gear review and how to elk hunt out west for the guy on a budget.

Podcast Episode #29 – What to Buy the Outdoorsman in Your Life for Christmas

This is that dreadful time of year where countless women wander the aisles of Cabela’s without a clue what to buy their outdoorsman. The CelebrateMan crew breakdown the items we like and suggest stocking stuffer ideas, medium range presents and that really big item that most hunters and fishermen need.

Podcast Episode #28 – Deer Camp Diaries (BWCA Edition)


Jeff, Tommy and Jake sit around a campfire in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area to talk about the trials and tribulations of hunting the BWCA for deer. The trip begins with a hilarious mistake that ended up getting a lot of gear wet.

Podcast Episode #27 – Final Prep for BWCA Deer Hunt


On this episode of the podcast, Jake and Tommy talk about an upcoming trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota to hunt whitetail deer. The BWCA is the most remote, undeveloped wilderness in the upper midwest which offers a real logistical challenge, while also offering the ability to be rewarded with an amazing hunt.

Podcast Episode #26 – Recap on Montana Archery Elk Hunt


On this episode of CelebrateMan, Tommy and Jake discuss a recent archery elk hunt in SW Montana. The guys discuss the physical training in preparation for the hunt and how that led Jake to signing up for a 50 mile ultra marathon. They also chat about enduring the elements and weather while chasing around 600 pound animals with stick flinging devices.

Podcast Episode #25 – Thoughts on the Bowmars and Under Armour


On this episode of the podcast, Jake and Tommy discuss the recent controversy surrounding Josh Bowmar’s legal bear hunt and the subsequent sponsorship drop of Sarah Bowmar by Under Armour. Several people in the hunting community are outraged by the whole event. Some are starting to boycott UA’s products.


If you haven’t seen the video yet, here you go:

Podcast Episode #24 – How to Hunt the BWCA


On this episode of the podcast, Tommy & Jeff discuss the viability of hunting whitetail deer in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. The two discuss a recent scouting trip in a hike-in area of the BWCA and what it will take to make Jeff’s goal of hunting there a reality.


This is the kind of country that originally made the Pow Wow trail appealing for a November hunt.


Typical obstacles along the trail that made hiking the Pow Wow trail a living hell. Imagine getting a deer back to the truck.


The remoteness and beauty of the BWCA is what attracts thousands of outdoorsmen to northern Minnesota every year.

Podcast Episode #23 – Alaska Trip


On this episode of the podcast, Jake discusses his travels to the Kenai peninsula in Alaska with friend Matt Wolf. The trip involved salmon fishing the Kenai river, hiking/scouting future hunting spots, and some pretty sweet wildlife viewing.


Sockeye salmon caught by the “flossing” or “flipping” technique. Sockeyes eat different food than Kings and Silvers, which makes castings spinners and spoons relatively useless. Instead, the technique used for sockeyes is to tie a fly on the line and put a 1/2 oz sinker about 24 inch above. Then flipping the line 20 feet out from the shore and trying to get the fly to float into the salmon’s mouth.


We spotted two caribou on the Kenai peninsula. These are somewhat rare since there are only a handful of herds, each with only a couple hundred head. According to the locals, the spot we saw them is a frequented spot by the lowland herd.