This blog is about being a man in today’s world of political correctness. Tommy, Jeff & Jake share their experiences as outdoorsman, the preparation involved in their trips out in the wild and the spoils of being outdoorsman who put meat on the table. All three guys are military veterans and brand new fathers to baby boys.

Fitness guru. Nutrition expert. Hunting enthusiast.

Tommy is a former strength and condition coach and amateur strongman competitor. He once deadlifted 800 lbs. Tommy is still serving in the Army Infantry as a Captain. His deployments include Kosovo, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Meal prep guy. Wild game chef. Bird dog trainer.

Jeff is a former Army Infantry Major with deployments to Kosovo, Iraq & Kuwait. He’s relatively new to the world of hunting, but between him and his lab “Trigger”, he’s putting some legit time in the field.

Game butcher. Experienced hunter. Gear junkie.

Jake is also a former Army Infantry Captain with deployments to Kosovo and Iraq. Since leaving the Army, Jake has worked for himself as a small businessman. He’s been hunting , fishing, camping as long as he could walk.

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